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Welcome to Sollys Lollies - Factory Shop

Solly's has been manufacturing your favourite lollies for over 20 years with decades of collective hands on experience dating back to the early 1900's.

Based on Wither Road in Blenheim, Sollys Lollies manufacture a range of starch-moulded confectionery and supplies the New Zealand and Australian markets.

Here you can find delicious treats such as Planes, Wine Gums, Fruit Jubes and Strawberry Crèmes to our yummy choc covered Baby Fish, Strawberry Hearts and Pineapple Bites.

Why not try a Giant Toastie with its gooey marshmallow centre and choc coconut coating? We have the biggest Giant Fish and the best Rocky Road.., and did I mention our famous marshmallow Easter Eggs and choc coated novelty products such as Father Xmas and Snowmen?

All Sollys Lollies products are gluten free..

Find us in the confectionery section of your local supermarket

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PLEASE NOTE: Web store is currently closed.

Solly's Lollies